Wireguard not working under debian-12-xfce in Q4.2

Hi all…
I was switching to Q4.2 a few days ago…everything is working really smooth except wireguard under debian-12-xfce. When I switch the template to fedora-38-xfce it is working as expected.

I am running wireguard with my network-manager. The leak protection is done by limiting the network traffic to the vpn ips…

Any suggestions why it is not wrking?

Hi there,

Have you installed wireguard-tools package into debian-12-xfce template? I’m using a similar setup with Mullvad + wireguard + QubesOS.


You should be able to obtain some information about network-manager by looking at the systemd unit logs

sudo journalctl -u NetworkManager

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So I had been busy lately but yesterday I was able to play around with my networking again. As I mentioned above the vpn was working perfectly with a fedora-38-xfce template.
When I was playing around with some other networking-qubes the network traffic did not seem to work whenever I started the qube with the network-manager service enabled under the debian-12-xfce template. Switching back to the fedora-38-xfce template the networking was working properly. So I think it might be connected to a bug with the network-manager service. Can anyone verify my observation?

All the qubes I was playig around with had networking enabled!

Maybe you forgot to install a package in your fedora template that is present in the fedora xfce template, something like wireguard-tools maybe

It is all there…and traffic was blocked no matter what I did…as soon as network-manager was enabled in services it was blocked…

Have you tried it? Just switch the templates from fedora-38-xfce to debian-12-xfce…

We all have to learn nftables if we want VPN in R4.2.