Wireguard in Qubes 4.1

Anyone else having trouble getting a reliable connection with wireguard in Qubes 4.1? I have tried both the wireguard package setup in a debian proxyVM and my VPN provider app in a proxyVM. Both initially refused to connect via wireguard. The VPN app connects via OpenVPN with no issues but not wireguard.

After persistent tinkering, I noticed that the Network Manager service was required in the proxyVM to get any kind of wireguard connectivity (is that really a necessary service if I don’t use it to configure the VPN?). It’s not necessary for OpenVPN connections.

The problem is I still can’t my connect via my appVM browser through the proxyVM (no proxy issues in browser settings). The appVM browser works fine if openVPN is running in the proxyVM.

After many failed attempts, my browser somehow connected via wireguard but it was very slow to load pages. Then timed out. Now it’s not working again. Very odd.

Not sure if it’s a VPN service issue (none reported), a wireguard issue, or a 4.1 issue. I have tried fresh templates, new VMs with reinstalls, etc. Same issues. :confused: