Windows VM unresponsive after resume from suspend

I searched the forum, and seems that no other encountered this problem.

To be short, I installed Windows10 22H2 iso through the brilliant qvm-create-windows-qubes tool, and I installed Windows10 LTSC eval by hand. Both of the two VMs have QWT installed. Both of the two VMs becomes unresponsive after resume from suspend.

To be specific, GUI freezes and the cursor is not moving, and more importantly, modifying its attributes through Qubes Manager also makes Qubes Manager hang. The same is true for the Device Widget. However, the Windows VM can receive shutdown command through the qubes manager widget ( it will eventually shutdown when commanded to do so.)

The output of powercfg \a told me that all sleep options are unavailable. S3 is unavailable because of “Graphics”.

How can I diagnose this? Thanks!

I tested on R4.2, and the problem disappeared. Another reason to switch to 4.2. lol.

However, there’s no ready-to-use qwt in R4.2’s repo.

OK I knew what happened. Seems that a failed attempt to make my Windows HVM use sys-audio broke either qemu-img or xen-hvm-stubdom-linux-full. Reinstalling related packages fixed this for me!