Windows VM Network OPSEC

Hi all, question regarding Windows or any OS actually. I’ve noticed when i create a standalone qubes and install an OS, the networking doesn’t seem like anything different from that of a virtualbox config. What i mean is, when i create a windows and attach sys-firewall for the network, the MAC address when i search within windows is the same as my actual mac address. i can change the ip by attaching a VPN qubes so it goes from hostqubes>sys-net>sys-firewall>VPN>windowsOS but i feel like it acts just as if it were a normal ubuntu OS running virtualbox.

In simpler terms, what is the difference between running a windows OS through a virtualmachine on Ubuntu and running a windows OS on qubes? Speaking from an OPSEC point of view

in virtualbox the host kernel is responsible for the isolation. in qubes, Xen is responsible for the isolation (from other vm’s, fro hardware, etc). The later is far better.