Windows traffic

Please guide how can win10 traffic route through whonix gateway in qubes

Iā€™m simply change the netvm to sys-whonix. no further configuration.

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You can do that, however you should be aware that configuration does not actually ensure your anonymity.

Windows 10 by default does not implement stream isolation. See:

That means all things you do on windows 10 can be correlated the the point where it does little more than hiding your IP address.

If you wish to preserve your anonymity, it must be done with sys-whonix + whonix-ws-based appVM where the client applications (email, browser, etc.) do support stream isolation and anti-fingerpriting protection among other things.

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Thank you for your support issue resolved

Yes i understands the way you tell me its appreciated !

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How do we can check we connect to sys whonix is there any command to check

  1. Your network icon on windows would change, if you connected to network.
  2. Open your favorite browser, access
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