Windows shortcuts don't show up and other Windows Template configuration Help


I’m on Qubes 4.0 stable

I’m trying to configure windows as a templateVM. I used qubes documentation and this thread.

I successfully installed windows as a template, but how do I configure properly appVM? There is only “Start” in application section…

I enabled auto login using this guide.

I haven’t been configuring QWT yet.

What I need form windows:

  • Offline Microsoft office
  • Some android flashing tools like samsung odin, sony emma etc. so usb connection, that are not available on linux
  • Adjust resolution to my 16:9 1080p or 16:10 720p screen

Could you help me? :slight_smile:

To see all the application shorcuts you need the QWT

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  1. It is possible. I’m currently using it. It would be very useful if you install QWT for copy/paste between qubes.
  2. You cannot passthrough USB device other than storage. Thus, you cannot passthrough any usb devices(webcam, microphone, printer, smartphone, etc…) on Windows even if you successfully installed QWT(since usb passthrough is not supported).
  3. You can adjust screen resolution on Windows 10. But not all settings possible.
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(I’ve changed the title slightly to make this easier to find)

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After attempting these first, if not successful, feel free to open another thread to see if someone has the knowledge and time to help.

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