Windows "live honeypot" for social media

My main objective (for now) migrating to Qubes is to finally tame & get clarity on all surveillance and tracking.

Although I’ve been blocking ads for more than a decade and so on I’ve also got a lot of data spread across social media accounts that I plan to “dismantle” gradually.

I’m thinking of something like this:

  • Logging in to the worst offenders from a Windows Qube, where I basically allow them to do whatever - including serving ads and whatnot. Ideally I’d log everything here too, and/or run this through Wireshark or similar.

  • Gradually delete and obfuscate further the data I want to be buried or forgotten, before setting up similar services in anonymous ways. Already halfway there by VPNs and services like Protonmail the past years.

  • Using what I see the algorithms think they know about me after a while to choose how to handle that, feed some aspects & delete others until the result is something I feel OK with.

I guess there would be no major security issues for this in Qubes, especially since whatever I do in any Qube is simply my own, fully legal stuff anyway - I just want it all to remain private and off any radars.

Anyone got experience with similar usage? Or suggestions to setups or software to use?