Windows 10 networking broken for Fedora-based sys-firewall

I wanted to report that I had to switch my sys-firewall from Fedora 39 to Debian 12 to restore networking for my Windows 10 AppVM. Networking was functioning for non-Windows AppVMs before and after, so it was specific to the Windows AppVM.

It is not clear to me what is broken, but networking was functional last week (or the week prior).

I did notice that qubesdb-cmd.exe was not working (e.g., qubesdb-cmd.exe -c read /type would hang) until I restarted the Qubes DB service. Attempting to run the qnetwork.bat after restarting the service did not work.

I’m open to providing some additional details if anyone can point me in a troubleshooting direction.

Did the networking work for you with fedora 39 template before?
Did it stop working after fedora 39 template update? Or dom0 update? Or just randomly?

It was working a week or two ago using the Fedora 39 template.

It definitely does not work after the latest template and dom0 updates. I cannot recall the specific ordering of updates related to the issue. I do know that I did a full template and dom0 update as part of troubleshooting.

It may be the most recent Windows updates, as I updated my Windows template before creating the AppVM that experienced the symptoms. So, if anyone has any recommendations on Windows logs to check that would be helpful. I can check those then revert the Windows updates.

Does networking work in Windows template with sys-firewall based on fedora 39?

Also do you have Xen PV network drivers installed from QWT?
I have Windows 10 with QWT installed without installing Xen PV drivers and networking works with net qube based on fedora-39-xfce template.

You can also try to install original fedora 39 template from repository and use it for sys-firewall for a test. Maybe some of your changes in fedora 39 template are causing this issue.