Window Size & Placement

Excuse me for writing two support threads on the same afternoon but I’ll be in a better mood this time, and it has only been a couple of days since installing 4.0.3 and just getting the last niggly bits like xfonts and preferences sorted out now. It seems like a fairly appropriate time to ask a few questions before everything is finalised.

This issue goes back to 3.2 and I never found an answer in the past couple of years … but then again this forum was not around a couple of years ago either and I don’t like Google sniffing around where it’s none of their business. Now my time has come.

I ran a search for ‘Window Size and Placement’ and it came up empty, so here is the thread I am certain many other budding newbies are going to thank someone here for in the centuries to come.

Here is a picture of my typical desktop layout for most standard goings on:

A picture paints a thousand words, so someone once said. Generally my standard is to have first and most importantly a file manager open on the top right of the desktop. I like it long and slim, somewhat like one of those ‘Americana’ fridge-freezers with the built-in ice makers in proportion, as you might see from the screenshot above.

Then there’s the terminal at the lower right corner, as pictured.

Then the text editor at the lower left and the web browser at the top left.

Window size is all fine for all of those except the browser, which I like to set to around 80% of the screen width and 90% of the screen height. This is not visible in the screenshot.

The placement is the main issue for all four of those most often used applications.

What can I do to set a default size for Firefox browser windows?

How can I set the default placement for all?