Win7 VM GUI agent implements outdated protocol (0:0), and must be updated

The GUI agent that runs in the VM ‘win7’ implements outdated protocol (0:0), and must be updated. To start and access the VM or template without GUI virtualization, use the following commands: qvm-start --no-guid vmname sudo xl console vmname

ok after spending hours on trying to make windows tools work it all comes down the grphical driver i guess

i keep finding 1 solution to find another problem

if there’s any simple solution plz lmk
or i’m simply reinstalling and done with trying to use qwt

Dear @rjo74618, I would kindly ask you to put in a bit more effort into drafting a forum post. For example you pasted all the juice in your post in the title. That should go on the body (I’ve moved it).

Can you detail the steps you’ve taken, the documentation you’ve read already? If you don’t put in the effort yourself, how can you expect others to do the same for helping you?

yeah never mind allready man i got sick of all thoes issues simply -so i’m going at it another way
no seamless mod

Your call. I just brought that up because many times your issue will help others with the same issue. And when it is started clearly, it helps others help you and you help others get help. A vicious cycle of positivity :slight_smile: