Win7 vm crashes after installing QWT

Hi, I am new to this forum… After installing Qubes Windows Tools and restarting, win7 vm enters in startup repair mode (I tested with different iso’s). Also ‘qvm-start win7 —debug’ says there is not an option as —debug. I managed to get the logs by booting with win7 cdrom and opening a command prompt. There are no logs in %TEMP% maybe they are not generated because I can’t enter into safe mode. I use Qubes R4.1. templateVM has 8GB of fixed memory and 8vcpu’s.

It’s vital that Windows updates be installed first before attempting to install QWT.
Make sure to install at least some of them on a fresh system, preferably all if possible. You can use WSUS Offline if there are issues with communication with the update servers.

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Thank you, I solved the problem using a custom gen2 iso I got from @51lieal. Probably other iso’s will work after updating with WSUS. My old systems were not updated. I will try it sometime.