Win10 pro hvm

Good morning everyone,
I was wondering if there is a way or trick to get my win10 HVM to use external usb’s?
I tried the Qubes window tools and had some problems with it and it is not supported anymore per the git hub.

So does anyone have any ideas, I have read here that some people were able to do it but never said how.

Thank you all

My day-to-day laptop has three different USB PCIe controllers (four if I add a PCIe card), so I usually just attach the PCIe device to the HVM. I recommend this as the easiest and most stable approach.

The newer linux stubdoms that come with Qubes R4.1rc3, with the addition of the cross build of QWT ( GitHub - tabit-pro/qubes-windows-tools-cross: Qubes Windows Tools build with mingw, wine and qubes-builder ), gives some support for routing USB devices into windows HVMs.

Lastly, if the USB device is a block device and you have the Xen PV Disk drivers installed in the Windows HVM, attaching to the windows HVM as a block device instead of a USB device works for some people (others have stability issues).

Yeah I thought about that…
just attach the PCIe device to the HVM.
But now I have to figure out which USB interface goes to which USB block.

Have the driver’s and will install later. Then figure out and let you know, THANKS!

Well I have 3 USB controllers on my MOBO. So I need to find out which USB controller work with what USB’s to attached to my win10. If I choice the wrong USB controller I am F***ed because mouse and keyboard are USB. If I attach the USB controller that controls mouse and keyboard to my win10 “IT WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR ME”…
So is there a way in Qubes OS to see just like in windows when you go to manage and expand the tree and can see whatt USB is connected to what controller?
I see in settings for devices for Win10 . I get 3 )USB2 Host controllers #1,#2,#3)
Reviewing the white papers for MOBO are no help either as well as MANUFACTURE OF SERVER.

Ok, so I found what USB controller I have to move to Win10 BUT I need to remove it from sys-usb.

SO what is my terminal cmd in dom0 to do this ???

qvm-shutdown --wait sys-usb; qvm- move (usb controller) to (hmv_name);qvm-start sys-usb

Mission accomplished!!!
Win10 works like a charm
Minus the audio

If you’re running QWT 4.1.65/66 under Qubes R4.1, set qvm-features <VMname> audio-model ich6 which should give (a somewhat scratchy) audio.

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Thanks, I am fine with no audio.
But win10 is not just another “tool” in my toolbox!!!