Win 11 HVM Copy / Paste Woes

Pretty vanilla Qubes 4.2.1 with a Win 11 HVM, which I operate fullscreen in one workspace. Global Config changed so that global copy and paste are ctrl-win-C and ctrl-win-V because I find the shift defaults inconvenient for terminals.

Simply cannot paste into the Win 11 HVM at all. I can see content in the global clipboard and it works between other qubes. And, even weirder, not only does ctrl-win-V not work, ctrl-win-C in the windows HVM actually pops up the notification toast you’d expect for paste.

Would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

You need to have Qubes Windows Tools installed in your qube for clipboard sharing to work:

But there is an issue with QWT currently:

Yes, I saw the security briefing and decided to give that a swerve. What I didn’t realize is that seems to mean that there’s no way to paste anything to the Windows clipboard although it is obvious now I think about it! Thanks.