Wifi usb dongle not working on boot

for some time now (some weeks, can’t tell since which update(s)) i have to manually remove my wifi usb dongle and reconnect it to work properly.
It used to work without problems in the past. sys-net recognizes it, it’s listed in lsusb, but the NetworkManager does not “see” it. It’s getting annoying.

Do you have your PCI USB controller attached to sys-net or do you have it in sys-usb and attaching only USB device to sys-net from sys-usb?
You can check the logs in sys-net/sys-usb to search for the errors with your WiFi adapter.

I used to have the usb controller directly attached to sys-net and had no problems.
With R4.2 i switched to “qvm-usb --persistent attach” from sys-usb.
I don’t really know what errors to look for, but I will try on next reboot.

(IIRC i had a testing system with same problems with a fresh R4.2 ISO and the same wifi dongle)

Can you try to connect PCI USB controller with WiFi adapter to sys-net for a test?