WiFi problems after suspend on Tuxedo BU1506

Hey again!
Sorry for so much questions, but i try to fix several things.
Wifi runs well for the first time, but as I closed the laptop and open it again, it tries to connect all the time, but can not establish connection. Even after restart the same issue. So something went wrong on suspend mode.


maybe it has to do with this issue:

But the firewall and sys-net are running after removing the extra device (after each reboot). So I think, it’s another issue, which has nothing to do with it.

#Edit2: LAN is working well

Check this:
Suspend/resume troubleshooting | Qubes OS

thanks! will try it later

tried it, but the issue stays.

dmsg shows “failed to read out thermal zone”. I saw it two times new some wifi info.

After some reboots the wifi just works. Can’t explain it (because the issue was also there after some reboots).