Wifi password not stored

So my problem is, every time I restart my laptop, I have to type in the Wifi password again. The Wifi name is stored in the network connections window, but the password is not stored.

When I type in the wifi password by hand, it creates a new network with the name “Wifiname 1”, where Wifiname is my actual wifi name. So then there are two networks, “Wifiname” and “Wifiname 1”.

Any ideas what is going wrong? I restored my current system from a backup if that helps.

What template are you using for sys-net?
Does the “new network” issue keep happening - do you end up with
“Wifiname 99”?

Thanks, I figured it was caused by this bug: PCI devices are assigned in random order => random issues with Wi-Fi connection · Issue #6587 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Basically I always deleted the unused network, not understanding why it is there, and after rebooting with 50% chance it would switch over the device number between wls6 and wls7, so I had to type in the password again. For NetworkManager it would look like a new network.

If I just leave “Wifiname” and “Wifiname 1”, one for wls6 and one for wls7, it remembers the password for both device numbers and does not create additional network entries.

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