Wifi on Thinkpad X260

Hello =)

I installed Qubes OS on a Thinkpad X260 which has a Broadcom BCM4356 802.11ac wifi card (return from lspci)

This does not seem to be recognized natively. In any case, I do not have wifi offered in the network plugin of the Xfce dashboard.

In USB devices I have a Broadcom_Corp_BCM2045A0_3052CBED21EB device showing up, not sure if it’s related.

With another generic Linux distribution, I would have ended up finding how to install the correct firmware. But I don’t know at all how it works on Qubes OS. I don’t want to make a mistake and compromise the security of my OS.

So what is the procedure to follow? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can clone your sys-net template and install the needed firmware there and then use this cloned template for your sys-net.
Or you can try to use bind-dirs and install the firmware in your sys-net AppVM so you won’t need to use a separate template for this: