Wifi disconnects every reboot

Hello together,
sadly I have the issue that my wifi always disconnects after a reboot.

The wifi is setup like a hotel wifi with a captive portal to enter the password. Unfortunately I can’t change it due to my landlord.

Is there a way that I can connect to the wifi without going everytime on the captive portal site and typing the password?

In windows this works, I couldn’t test it in fedora or debian.

Thank you
Best wishes

To clarify: is sys-net not remembering the SSID and not connecting automatically or is it connecting and just not remembering the password to the captive portal?

My gut tells me is the captive portal is being cached on the AppVM that you enter the password on and not the sys-net Qube.

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In my understanding it connects the wifi after the boot, but doesn’t open the captive portal to make use of the wifi. Until I open firefox in the personal qube or another qube I don’t have internet.
Firefox promts the captive portal, I enter the credentials and have internet.

Ah! So, sys-net is unable to “auto launch firefox” because sys-net can’t tell other qubes what to do or which apps to launch. That’s by design of Qubes. Depending on the captive portal, maybe you could write a script in sys-net that “signs in” to the portal behind the scenes, but I’d be skeptical of auto launching sites from sys-net and potentially exposing it to even more security bugs. Curious to see if anyone else here has suggestions/work arounds as I’ve never had to use a captive portal with Qubes.

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