Why have a dvm sys-net? R4.2 wifi up - wifi drivers for Debian?

Settings sys-net shows

00:14.3 Network Controller Intel Alder Lake-P PC CNVi WliFi

as ‘devices connected to qube.’ Dom0 lspci shows the same (rev 01). nmcli -o r shows WIFI-HW WIFI enabled. But Network Manager does not find wifi and nmcli device wifi rescan has Error: no wifi device found.

Wifi worked on R4.1, ideas for making it work on R4.2?
No, that was just Debian as template with dvm sys-net. The drivers are in F38 but permission denied failed to add/activate connection error writing to file. sys-net cant be dvm?

Yes, Standalone sys-net F38 works, but now I am wondering why dvm sys-net is an option at installation.

A disposable sys-net does have security
advantages. Note that the network
drivers (in C and probably assembly) plus
network stack in any directly internet-
connected qube are a juicy remotely* reachable
target for attackers.

Making it difficult for them to persist
makes it harder to try to attack the rest
of your system.

* remotely, meaning IIUIC on the same LAN
as you, Ex: Coffee shop wifi, airports, etc.

But the dvm cant be used for wifi, apparently only for ethernet because of the issue related to permissions I mentioned above. How do I give a dvm those write permissions?

Try opening a terminal in the DVM
and assigning permissions manually
(may be a sudo issue). By that,
I mean run whatever command the DVM
is trying to run, but is failing. Or,
chmod/chown whatever files are needed
it make network manager satisfied.

If that works, then try including that
command/commands in the qube that acts
as a template for that DVM. Changes
should then propogate to the disposable