Why does updating dom0 take so long?

The most issues I have when updating are with dom0.

I am always on the go and my connection is often not perfect but good enough, everything updates pretty quickly but dom0 takes FOREVER. (connection issues I think, but only with dom0! )

Why does it take 250 MiB just to sync the repos of dom0?
Is there any way to speed this up?

see 100MB + just to check for updates - #4 by solene

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Usually, most of the slowness is from updating over Tor, but Iā€™m not sure why that would make only dom0 updates seem slow. It should make template updates seem slow too. Anyway, if you think that might be (part of) it, and if the security-performance trade-off is worthwhile for you, you could try updating over a VPN or clearnet instead.