Why does my screen look different each time qubes boots up?

This is just a question to satisfy my own curiosity about the Qubes 4.0 startup process. I shut down my desktop computer each night. Each morning when I boot it back up, the onscreen info seems to be different, once I enter the first (disk encryption) password. Sometimes I get a progress bar advancing at the bottom and sometimes not. Sometimes the box in which I entered the encryption value immediately disappears, sometimes it remains briefly (unchanged) and sometimes it remains briefly and the characters entered for the password change to small, randomly, changing lines as if showing the decryption proceeding. I realize, that this isn’t critical to the startup operation. But out of curiosity I wonder if these display variations are by design with some purpose, or if it is just some oddity in my system or installation. Loving Qubes. Thanks.

Arguably, anything “weird” should be treat as something critical to check into. Especially where a GPU is concerned

out of interest - are you using an internal GPU (the one built into the motherboard) or an external one like nvidia/amd etc? can you list your system specs?

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Thanks Plexus. Yes, the internal one in my Asus Prime B365M-A mobo, which also handles the sound. Intel Core i5-9600K Coffee Lake 6 cpu. 16GB HyperX ram and Samsung 970 EVO Plus ssd for system installation. Also three sda’s: one linked to the ssd for system installation and two 3TB sda drives for files and backups (the last two are only attached to vm’s, when access is needed. Usb Logitec keyboard and mouse connected to PS/2 via a Tripplite active adapter, so as not to allow keybd access to dom0.