Why does google-chrome repos show up in my fedora template

Hi all,

I just upgraded in-place to fedora 39. I was going through my repos in /etc/yum.repos.d
and found google-chrome.repo

Never have I ever installed any google software. I am very much anti-google.

  1. How did this get there?
  2. Is this a privacy concern whenever my system performs sudo dnf update? - checks repos for updates and pings googles servers to do so.

Or am i being paranoid?



I installed Fedora 39 from the official ISO and the Google Chrome repo was there too. So it seems to come with every Fedora installation, including Qubes templates, but it’s not enabled so it doesn’t send a request to the server.


Yeah but now you have :wink:

bash-5.2# dnf list installed | grep google
google-droid-sans-fonts.noarch              20200215-17.fc39                  @fedora                               
google-noto-fonts-common.noarch             20240101-1.fc39                   @updates                              
google-noto-sans-vf-fonts.noarch            20240101-1.fc39                   @updates

But that are fonts, so impact should be minimal. Maybe just a fingerprinting issue when a browser is used on fedora, but I didn’t dig into that further so this is just an speculation…

If you don’t like it, best is to go minimal I think.

Have a nice day


Hmm, but, if you look at the output of dnf list installed, the 3 google packages are coming from fedora repos, not from google.

google-droid-sans-fonts.noarch … @fedora
google-noto-fonts-common.noarch … @updates
google-noto-sans-vf-fonts.noarch … @updates

The google repo is per default not enabled (“enabled=0”), so no request will be send to any google server during dnf update.


Yeah, I know that it came from fedora, but it seems to be in fact google software, so I just want to tell @PostedPortal that he has google-software installed now :wink:


i guess ill go install openbsd instead kek :sweat_smile:

The disabled (deactivated) repo definition is included by default to make it easy for users who want to install Google Chrome.

No, the repo definition is disabled (deactivated) by default, so it doesn’t do anything unless you manually enable it. It’s simply a text file that does nothing unless you take positive action to make use of it. Feel free to delete it if you don’t want it.