Why aren't there official qubes tools repos for Ubuntu?

I understand that there are no official Ubuntu template images due to licensing. But why the tools aren’t available in some repo? It will simplify using both the personally build templates and HVM’s based on some Ubuntu remix distros.

(The following are my guesses, i don’t know for sure)

Why is there no repo for Ubuntu?
Maintaining another repo is work and workpower is limited, so only offering them for the official templates makes sense.

Why is there no Ubuntu template?
I am not sure about the licensing. It is FOSS in the end so there should be no problem. I think it again is simply limited workpower.

However Debian is a very good and basic base system, Ubuntu is a modified Debian with more stuff, so i can see why the Qubes team went the Debian route instead of Ubuntu if they had to choose between both.

But: As Ubuntu is based on Debian, you could try to just add the debian repo into Ubuntu. Maybe weird stuff will happen or breaage occur, maybe not. Those are only VMs so you can try this out in a safe way. Never tried this but after a few seconds of DDGing it seems doable.

It is strange for me that You can build and distribute absolutlynotubuntuos that is in fact ubuntu remix, and not qubes bundled ubuntu. But If Qubes team state that is true I trust them and not want to analyze license my self. But if there is official community ready to build ubuntu template (I build it and try it some time ago) I thinke the qubes agents can be avaliable in separate repo since they are just a tools, not a changed ubuntu image.

I tried use debian qubes agents repos on some ubuntu remix - it has dependencies problems.

what is missing? maybe it is fixable.

@Szewcu I assume you are aware of the unofficial repo hosted by @unman?

I suspect adding a ubuntu repo would mean extra testing/effort. Also, wouldn’t the debian repo just work with ubuntu?

Ubuntu basically is a polished up / branded version of Debian.

I’m aware. I have the problem that for Caine 11 that is Bionic remix tools from one Debian version repo has to high version of python as a dependency, and from the other version has to low version as dependency. Also it was only first problem from list of probably many. I also thinking of building Bionic template and just copying the debs, but Bionic template was broken at that time (and probably still is). Now I’m thinking of trying another interesting distro (skywave linux) which is another Ubuntu remix.

I won’t tell you how you should/must use QubesOS. If you like to run many HVM’s, that is totally fine!

The original idea was to use the very good integrated PVH qubes. Just saying, please use qubes as you want to!

Regarding your dependency problem:
If you have some detailed output of your package manager we might be able to help. I am not familiar with Caine 11, but this should not be that critical.

For a time I was building my ubuntu templates and packages myself until I realized that for my use case there is NO difference between Debian with the Yaru theme/icons and actual Ubuntu. So I just switched to Debian and habe never missed it. I don’t do PPO, snap etc. anyway – just apt.

Yes, for normal use I have few Debian based templates and use them as daily drivers. It is ok and I don’t need Ubuntu since Debian is fine. I’m thinking of using those specialized Ubuntu remixes just as toolset which I want to know how to use. Caine is everything that You need for Data Forensics, and Skywave is everything that You need for using SDRs both from the net and with HW connected via USB. So I’m not plan to surf on the net, or install anything additional in that HVMs.