Whonix Workstation AppVM Creation

Has anybody received an error when creating a Whonix Workstation AppVM?

Error when creating the qube: “the sys-whonix qube does not provide network”

Open Qube Manager, right-click on sys-whonix, click Settings, click Advanced tab, you’re looking for the checkbox Provides network.

Ok yeah. Here’s the thing, I’ve made a clone of the sys-whonix VM and have been using that but for some reason when creating the appVM, it won’t allow me to use the cloned sys-whonix VM. Also, the AppVM doesn’t even require networking, but that error message is still being returned for some reason.

Ok that worked, although the underlying logic must be somthing with respect to requiring the original sys-whonix VM and a cloned sys-whonix cannot be used.