Whonix Snowflake

I am unable to use snowflake since startying to use tor does anyone else experience this same issue?

Tor controil panel wont connect using snowflake bridge but connects with other bridges.

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I haven’t used :snowflake: in a bit but back in Qubes R4.0 I had to make a sys-whonix clone and mess with some config files to get it to work. I don’t think it ever worked out of the box. :skull:

If I manage to import the qube into R4.2 and it still works then I may be able to help you out. Stand by

I think it takes quite awhile to get connected with a peer. That’s how it works. Somebody sharing their session. Usually temporarily. I’m probably wrong but I thought it was only geared to work for a user whom connects from behind China’s great firewall?

not sure how it works to be honest. i have never gotten it to work.