Whonix in Qubes without TOR just VPN

Has anyone in Qubes stripped Whonix of all its TOR stuff and replaced it with a VPN so Whonix has a kill switch if the VPN loses connection?

The reason why I am considering Whonix for non-TOR web surfing is I saw it was based upon KickSecure but I think the Whonix team still has additional hardening more so than out-of-the-box KickSecure regarding the network policies and such; so I would like to retain that by merely cloning a copy of the Whonix workstation and gateway to then strip-out the TOR and replace it with a VPN that I trust.

Is this possible?
(I heard someone imply it is possible just technically advance — maybe also tedious too)
If possible where may I find documentation on this type of specific customization?
If it even exists without being behind a Whonix dev paywall* (see side note below).

    For future reference,
    Qubes team should note the lack of onboarding and inclusiveness and general lack of support overall from the Whonix team
    (the Whonix Forum mods and general sentiment there essentially forces most users to come ask Whonix questions here on Qubes Forum instead; and might as well be a non-libre project and listed negatively on the Free Software Foundation List — or maybe someone should fork them)
    See this example of attitudes implying that users pay for the Whonix project dev rather than providing cited OPEN and FREE resources or answers let alone noting any user friendly feature potential candidates in a support ticket:
    Can VPN only be done with Whonix? - #3 by Lace - Qubes-Whonix - Whonix Forum
    (please don’t stop using Whonix, but warn users that it is not truly FOSS they check the boxes on paper to be FOSS but when it comes to anything other than deploying into production it no longer is FOSS it is “you have to pay for that” wow they should be categorized like pfSense then but worse as I am sure pfSense will still have better support than Whonix will even when paying devs)

So far I have found these instructions but the instructions are not for a Whonix workstation and/or gateway — merely for the TOR Browser to operate as an out-of-the-box hardened browser.

I mean this source is useful, from what I found querying around QubesOS Forum (again nothing found in top 3 pages of Whonix Forum searches yet it is found here lol on QubesOS Forum), but I still haven’t found the answer to the Whonix workstation and gateway tweaks I am seeking to implement in certain Whonix qube VM altered clones.