Whonix HexChat IRC

On the Whonix page it says the Qubes-Whonix should have hexchat installed but I dont see it there. If there is a way to install hexchat on whonix plz let me know.

I looked (previously I’d updated my Whonix to 16 so perhaps it was different beforehand) but the Hexchat is present it just doesn’t automatically get assigned to the active application list (if you are sufficiently familiar with Qubes - check the applicable AppVM i.e. whonix-ws-16-dvm for the Qubes Settings dialog & check the tab marked Applications). All VMs have a Qubes Settings way to see & change things or there are command line equivalents that can perform the same tasks.

Within the dialog & on that tab is the application list which should consist of the left-hand side (Available) & the right-hand side (Selected). There you are liable to find the Hexchat waiting to be manually moved over.

Note, programs which are installed can still be executed even if no quick/dirty icon gets created in the menu system for them but unless you know how to execute it without the icon this should make that easier for you.

whatever apps you add in the template-ws gets inherited by the App Qube based on that template

its there , start it from a terminal, if don’t want to change it in the gui settings

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