Which qubes should appear in template manager?

Cloning a template via GUI (template:name ->qube settings → clone template) works as expected, but it doesn’t show up in Qubes Tools → Qubes Template Manager.

How do?

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Qube:name is just AppVM/StandaloneVM and not a template.
If you want to clone template then look for Template:name.

Have edited OP for more clarity. Same question:

Cloning a template does not push the new template clone into qubes template manager.

How do?

That’s strange, it works for me.
Check the output of this command in dom0 and see if the cloned template class is TemplateVM:

dom0 terminal: qvm-ls DOES show ‘test-template’.

Qubes template manager DOES NOT show ‘test-template’.

Maybe you’re looking for template in Qubes template manager in Qube list in the second column and not in the drop-down list in the fourth column?

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I can do ‘change all selected to’ in template manager. ‘test-template’ does show. And like you said, fourth column drop down list also shows the new template.

But only a core few vms show up in the template manager.

So now the question for troubleshooting becomes: how do I get all of my App/Service vms to appear in the list of qubes in the qubes template manager.

Can you paste the output of the qvm-ls command and screenshot of Qubes Template Manager to see what are the missing qubes and their classess?

I’ve checked a few systems, and all the template based qubes appear in the “Qube”
column, for me.
disposables don’t feature, of course.

check for a common feature to the qubes that dont appear.

Simple reboot may help, or even restarting Qube Manager

I think this is what happened and we only need @disp-forum-account-q to confirm he overlooked it.

Otherwise, changing topic title to something like “Which qubes should be listed in Template Manager?” would be needed, since templates aren’t in the matter anymore as I understand.

Changing topic as suggested.

Which qubes should appear in template manager?

qvm-ls shows a dozen or so qubes which don’t appear in template manager. I’m still struggling to pull a screenshot from dom0, but will get to that when I can.

Only AppVMs.
The StandaloneVM, TemplateVM and DisposableVM are not displayed there.