Which "Qubes" logo should be used on the forum?

It will be on the top-left corner (but it only shows up when you scroll to the top)

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Something else (suggested in replies)

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Suggested by @Sven

Maybe the spacing between the logo and the text “Q” could be a bit more spaced.


I feel like this logo composition should be already somewhere (that would solve the spacing issue), but I haven’t found it yet. If someone knows the right proportions or any composition already made, please let me know.

@michael you can vote now

My “something else” would be just the “Q” logo by itself.

:+1: Since I can’t edit the poll now, I added it bellow the poll.

Just to make it clear. The “Q” logo currently shows up if you scroll down just a bit:


But you mean when totally scrolled up, right? (where it currently shows “Q Qubes Community”)

Yes, I’ve seen that. I just like the minimalist aesthetics of it. The Q logo is unusually clean and professional branding for an open source product. I’d love to have it stand by itself. :slight_smile:


FYI I think we should keep this poll open even once we announce the forum to the qubes-users list. it’s an easy way for new folks to have an opinion and input into how the forum looks.