Which qube should SMBus: Intel Corporation be connected to by default?

Recently I wanted to have a offline standalone windows qube, so I created one .
Since it didn’t have qubes Windows tools becaus I didn’t want dowload it(for avoiding network connection for this qube) I decided to use a USB device instead .
While trying to connect the USB device to Windows qube in the devices menu of qubes settings I connected “SMBus: Intel Corporation” to the qube .
After that i used the option “configure strict reset for PCI devices” to make sure it connected .
It didn’t work so I search what “SMBus: Intel Corporation” was and I realized it was a important part of motherboard
Now how can I correct this ?
I searched for a solution but appearantly no one has ever made this mistake :sweat_smile:

Can you boot Qubes?

If so, you could simply remove the connected device from the settings again. Select the device and click the < button to move it back to dom0.

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SMBus is mainly used for power source instructions - remove it from
that qube, and leave it in dom0, as padhi suggests.

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Thank you guys