Which kernel for my build?

Asus Prime B560M-A
Intel Core i7-10700K
UEFI Crashfree 3 BIOS
( currently working on getting coreboot installed)

I’m just wondering if there has been an established kernel version compatible with the i7-10700K. Any help appreciated.

Also after some research I noticed that I also need to buy a TPM. Currently in transit.

Also I am super noob.

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I’m a noob as well, but I have a i7-10* as well and the latest kernel works fine for me. It should be noted I am using the 4.1 alpha iso (QubesOS 4.1 (alpha) Signed Weekly Builds). It is surprisingly stable for me.


Okay that’s great, what motherboard and bios are you currently using if you don’t mind me asking?

Honestly? I have no idea. I can tell you that I’m using an xps 13 7390 with the standard bios.

That helps thanks for the reply.

No problem! Glad to have helped

I have a 10700K on an MSI motherboard, and I needed kernel 5.8+ to get my ethernet working, but it booted just fine in 5.4 or higher, didn’t test anything older. I’m also running R4.1 but R4.0 worked for me as well.

Ah very nice, thx for the info, I’m going to try to run one when I get home and see if it works with my current bios. It was crashing before, I tried with and without legacy mode. Meh.