Which installation option to choose for Librem 15 with Pureboot?

I am installing Qubes 4.1 on a Librem 15 with Pureboot. I receive the following installation options (please see image) when booting from USB. Which should I choose? I am guessing option 1 (sdb1) followed by option 1 again (troubleshooting … /images/pxeboot), both selected in the attached image. Thank you for the assist!

sdb1 is correct, if you don’t want to install Qubes on the second Drive sdb2.
For the boot menu option 1 is okay, cause all other will you see again, if you run into boot issues, when it’s needed to use the QubesOS Install Stick.

It seems installing option 1 vs option 2 the difference is verbose mode on boot (opt 1) instead of the nice Qubes boot screen and disk password input with progress bar (opt 2) after installing. I will try option 3 now to see if there is a difference again.

If I read directions more carefully I would notice it said

You can choose one of three options:

  • Install Qubes OS
  • Test this media and install Qubes OS
  • Troubleshooting

Select the option to test this media and install Qubes OS.

Menu corresponds to these options and test this media and install (opt 2) is probably what I should use