Which GPU on USB-C port


Alt DP mode is available on my laptop’s USB-C port according to specifications. I tried USB-C to HDMI adapter, it is recognized by sys-usb as “Video Adapter” but I can’t get any video output to external TV nor it is recognized/detected by any mean.

How can I check if my USB-C video is wired to iGPU or dGPU in such circumstances? I can’t seem to find any answer on the internet other then to check with NVidia Control Panel - PhsyX, which is obviously no-go for me.

Maybe you need to have USB controller in dom0 with your GPU to make it work? Just a guess, I don’t know the internal workings.

Thanks, but my question isn’t about “how to make it work”.

It looks like mystery’s resolved.

Started laptop in “Discrete” mode and external TV picture was there… So it looks I will not be able to rest NVIDIA on external monitors, nor my wallet with electricity bills…
330W laptop charger hardly sets it to mobile devices…