Where to install Wavemon or similar wifi signal strength program

What is the best practice to install a signal strength program, such as Wavemon? Would you install such a program within sys-net, or do you install it within the working template? My guess is that installing anything within sys-net would not be a good practice.

If you install it directly in sys-net, it’ll be gone by next VM restart. If you want it to be persistent, you need to install it in the template that sys-net is based upon. You can find out which template it is with the following command in dom0:

qvm-prefs sys-net template

If you see it’s a dvm then you need to install it in the base template, not the dvm (for example, if you see debian-11-dvm, you need to install it in debian-11), then shutdown the template and restart sys-net.

Got it. Thank you @BEBF738VD

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