Where to Install Appimages in 4.1?

Based on this thread:

…It seems concensus is to install in the app qube?

Did anything change in 4.1?

Is there an appimages helper that would keep them updated if we install in the template?

Best practice is “app qube”. Remember that using a “app image” while having most of the files needed baked into them to execute the “app image” they may still need host files to execute the “app image”. Plus you never know who built the “app image” or what really is running once you launch this.

There are some good “app images” such as but not limited too the likes like…


Ungoogled- chromium

Just to name a few…

Or if you are skilled enough within a domain, build “docker images”…

While yes we have “disposable vm’s” which are great nothing stayed it more then building your own…

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—> Qube Apps: a Flatpak-based app store for each qube

Created this for my machines and being happy with. If you need some apps (which are available as snappack) - one click to get - one click to remove…


I use my app images across multiple VMs so I install the app image in a templateVM in the /opt/ directory I then create a file “appname.desktop” in the /usr/share/applications/appname.desktop with the following info to make sure that it shows up in the qubes shortcut menu

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Feather Wallet
Comment=Feather - Desktop
Exec=bash -c ‘/opt/feather-*.AppImage’

I am not sure if what i am doing is correct but it works

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