Where to find the qrexec logs?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there are any logs for split-gpg and more generally qrexec logs. I’ve checked /var/log/qubes/qrexec.<appvm>.log, but it’s filled with eitr entries.

What I’m looking for is a way to determine what request prompted the authorization prompt for qubes.Gpg.

Hi @vince. Welcome!

I’ve had the same exact question. Qrexec policy execussion is logged to the system journal and you can obtain it by running the following in a terminal in dom0:

journalctl /usr/bin/qrexec-policy

I hope this helps.

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Hi deeplow. Thank you. Long time lurker first time poster :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks!

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Perfect. I’ve just adjusted the title to be more specific. Hope you don’t mind.