Where to find android distros

Hi I am running android vms on my 4.1-rc1 system. I use the isos from android-x86.org unfortunately the latest versions are only based on android 9. Does anyone know other aosp-projects with android 10 11 or even 12 that run on qubes without too much tweaking?

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Hey, I do not run any android distros under qubes-os.

However, I would like to suggest, have you tried GrapheneOS and CalyxOS distros?

at least for grapheneos there isn’t that possibility (grapheneos as a VM in qubes) as it would need a fork from tha main project.
I would be using it for sure if that was possible :slight_smile:
for calyxos I am not sure.

thank you for these two very helpful posts…neither grapheneOS nor calyxOS provide an ISO working for qubesOS…

I’ve used Bliss OS and it worked out of the box with Qubes, they have a development build for android 11 (Bliss OS 14)

Thank you…I have tried blissOS11 (worked fine)…but blissOS 14 seemd to be buggy under qubesOS 4.1…do you have any recommendations (for the settings) to make it work?