Where Qubes os network-manager?

Hallow All.
I want to create Vpn vm and Mac randomization. And, I saw the forum that wrote that if I used a network manager, I could do it. So, I install network-manager in Qube setting service screen. But network-manager icon did not appear. This is normal? Advice please. sorry, my English.


you have to enable the services “network-manager” and “qubes-firewall” in the qube settings that will be connecting to the VPN.

MAC randomization is useless at this level, if you want to randomize your MAC address, it must happen on the physical network interfaces, they are all available in sys-net which should provide a network manager applet by default. It’s already randomized for WiFi devices.


Thank you replay. I’ve had advice from you before. Thank you.
I need install “qubes-firewall”? OK. After installing “qubes-firewall”, how should I use “network-manager”? Is there an icon or something? And default setting is MAC randomized for WIFI? I don`t need to do anythig?