Where is i3status config file?

I found the config file in /etc/i3status.conf however, that file doesn’t reflect what’s actually present in the i3status bar. The things are not present (but visible) in the i3status bar are:

1/ Global clipboard icon
2/ Qubes devices icon
3/ Qubes disk space monitor
4/ Qubes domains icon
5/ WiFi connection icon
6/ Time synchronisation menu
7/ Battery icon

Since the /etc/i3status.conf file doesn’t contain such icons’ entries, where did these icon come from? Moreover, some of the entries that are present in /etc/i3status.conf are not visible in the i3status, which is confusing. For example, the said file contains an entry for “memory” which’s supposed to show the used | available memory values, but that’s not in the i3status bar bottom of the screen.

How come?

Qubes doesn’t use i3-status, if you check the i3 config file (.config/i3/config), the bar is using qubes-i3status which is located in /usr/bin/qubes-i3status.

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OK. So, where is the config file for /usr/bin/qubes-i3status program?

There’s no config file. qubes-i3status is a bash script and it’s called by i3 to return values. The line used to call it is in the “bar” block in the i3 config file (.config/i3/bar), it should be at the bottom.

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Okay. So, I cannot edit the items shown in the bar, since I cannot edit the bash script that is called by the i3.

On a second thought, there isn’t much that I would like to edit on this bar, either. So, I can be content with this.

You can, I used to edit it to add my microphone toggle, you just need some experience with bash scripts to do what you need.

Let’s say I have the experience with the bash scripts. Where is that file located for me to edit?

It’s located in /usr/bin/qubes-i3status, it’s a bash script you can edit on the fly.

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Ah, silly me. I thought /usr/bin/qubes-i3status was the binary form of it! I should’ve looked into the file.

No worry :slight_smile:
You can edit it and it will change in the bar after an i3 reload (mod + shift + c by default).
If you want, you can import something like bumblebee-status and use it instead, that’s what I did and it comes with multiples modules.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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@DVM sorry for dragging on the thread, but I after reading and editing the /user/bin/qubes-i3status file, I still have the question: "Where are the lines (or the file) responsible for lining up the

1/ global clipboard widget
2/ USB widget
3/ disk space widget
4/ Qubes Domains widget
5/ Updates available widget
6/ WiFi widget
etc. ?"

I am not seeing relevant lines in the /usr/bin/qubes-i3status file for these widgets. :thinking:

Those are tray icons, you can’t edit them in qubes-i3status since they are coming from background running programs.

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Which programs are those, if you don’t mind me asking? How can I see where their “binaries” or their “scripts” located?

Should be those:

  • /usr/bin/qui-clipboard
  • /usr/bin/qui-devices
  • /usr/bin/qui-disk-space
  • /usr/bin/qui-domains
  • /usr/bin/qui-updates
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Hey thanks a lot!

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