Where in the world is eth0?

I need to run some routing commands recommended to me in another thread on here, however there does not seem to be a /dev/eth0 in any of my VM’s, not even sys-net which owns a NIC with a currently working connection.

I’m guessing either Qubes is using a different network infrastructure, or there is an eth0 but it’s being hidden for security reasons. How do I get to my eth devices? Or how would I otherwise set up routing? I just need to pass a couple physical boxes through a netvm via crossover cables; nothing too fancy for Qubes I’m hoping…

…otherwise I’m stuck with a box full of NICs, ethernet cables, and dreams I can’t use

NetworkManager manages the downstream = physical network interfaces inside sys-net. Not sure how it names your Ethernet port (mine’s called ens7 or so), but you can always check with e.g. ip addr.

eth0 ports in VMs != sys-net are generally ports to downstream VMs, vif* ports go to upstream VMs. Both of these are managed by Qubes OS.

I’m not sure to have understood your post…
If I open my “work” VM and digit: ip a
I can see my eth0 (virtual) device…
What am I missing?

Most people would think of this as upstream, with the vif* interfaces
connecting downstream.

@tripleh @mila Alright so yes, indeed I do see all of them in ip addr. eth0 is sys-firewall and ens7/8/9 are my NICs. Finally a light in the tunnel!! I guess I wrongfully expected all of these to be in /dev for some reason lol