Where do I tell Qubes I renamed sys-whonix, so it doesn't break updates?

I renamed sys-whonix to something more useful (for me), and it broke the whonix-gw-16 template from updating DOH!

I seem to remember there is somewhere in dom0 you can manually change it. This is something I will actually change, from time to time, as I use different sources (usually private VPN’s) to update tor templates.


It would be useful to tell which release you are using, but for 4.1 you’d like to check


as well as


For dom0 - in Global settings → qube defaults → Dom0 Update qube


Thanks, that was it!

You are welcome. You may want to flag the post as a solution so it could help other users too.

Great idea. I just looked around, don’t see an option to flag it as a solution. Do I edit the topic? add (solved) or something?

Thanks. it should be a checkbox next to the heart you flagged my post with.

I did flagged as “other” and sent a message asking if that’s how I flag as solved hah we’ll see

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Never mind, thanks for trying. Its under the post, not at the end of the topic

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