Where do I install Anaconda Python DataScience packages?

I am new to QubesOS. I am liking it a lot although its taking me a while to get used to installing of software via the template.
I am now struggling to install Anaconda Python Data Science packages.
Do I install these in the template?
Anaconda Navigator seems to require an internet connection to install packages…
Would love to hear suggestions from the community…

Welcome to the forum!

Downloading and installing software in a template from an external repo requires one to specify a proxy. I imagine use of Conda would be similar to using pip as the package manager, so the following discussion should be relevant:

Thanks for your response! I will try to make sense of these suggestions for future reference, however in the mean time I set up a standalone Qube for my development work. I need to be able to use the Anaconda Navigator that requires an internet connection… and I also need to have access to docker containers from docker hub, etc.