When to select 'qubes-firewall' in services tab

Hi I was playing around with qubes-services I can select in the services tab. Can anyone explain a use case when to select “qubes-firewall” as service?

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It’s probably needed for VMs which you use as sys-firewall.

Do you know it or are you guessing right now? Point is, when I make a fresh install of Qubes and tell it to set up a sys-firewall qube this service is not activated.

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It was just my expectation. Thanks for checking it. I hope someone more knowledgeable can reply.


Yes, it is.
qubes-firewall is the firewall manager, which takes settings from the
firewall tab in qube manager, or qvm-firewall. It is enabled in
netvms, but not in sys-net.
You can check this with systemctl status qubes-firewall

You don’t need to use the Services tab for this - as it says on that tab,
“Unlisted services will follow default settings” and the default for a
qube that provides network is for the service to be enabled.

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Correct, I was not precise on what I was replying. I meant it does not show in the tab.