When TAILS can but Qubes Whonix cannot

What might be all the reasons TAILS can connect to tor and navigate to sites but Qubes Whonix cannot?

TAILS practically never fails but Whonix can be interfered with in many ways. Explain why this is.

Still unanswered.

Wrong clock?

I traveled to another country from the US recently and connected Qubes to hotel wifi. Total block after updating F38 and Whonix gw. Even cellular data wouldn’t connect anymore through USB qube. Was the update compromised or did the AP find a way to block all networking? Bridges wouldn’t work. Plain firewall connect wouldn’t work. Computer got very hot. Something against the Qubans? Who knows. TAILS did fine. Reconnects to tor automatically after being momentarily disrupted.

Tried connecting the day after. Does connect but clock got the x. No x after restarting. Here is the end of the dvm log. Saw Patrick’s explanation that this is not important because clock doesn’t

need to keep resyncing but x happened almost immediately after starting.

“A flaw in the system was discovered and exploited. How convenient to blame everything on user error. Why have a forum then?”


At this point all I know is TailsOS has sooooOooooo much more and better community support help than Whonix does and sadly maybe it will always be that way with them