Wheel Group also controls Networking?

I thought adding my mom’s user back into the “qubes” Group would be sufficient but now I see the Network stuff not loading on the top bar when I log into her user

So does that mean “wheel” Group controls the Networking stuff on QubesOS?

I am still trying to find easy ways to restrict the “user” from being a Super User so not to have any SuDo ability. I thought taking the account out of certain Groups would do something at least but now I see I need both groups “qubes” and “wheel” to have access not just to the top tool bar and qubes Templates but also to networking functionality as well it seems … and while I created a fresh new Group I have no idea what to add within the new Group to reproduce what is in the qubes and wheel Groups’ settings

Any help would be appreciated

But also am I correct in assuming “wheel” Group controls all the networking functionalities?

So then wheels Group doesn’t control networking at all?

“sudo access vs wheel group”

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I can’t remember what I did that is preventing the Whonix window pop-up that I still get in the admin main user versus this user

I guess I will take this user back out of “wheel” group then

Just fumbling along … any help appreciated

I am missing the following icon and network connectivity thingy on my mom’s user
(see image)
img description: 2 red computer screens as 1 little icon on the top bar

Okay never mind my most recent question in thread

I don’t know how but after 2 reboots the network connectivity stuff along with Whonix all re-appeared
without me changing anything