What would you like to see improved in Qubes OS?

-android template
-more support for external mics 3.5m and thunder bolt type-c things like headsets
-Invidia supported template for graphic designers, I mean ability to use apps like davinci resolve on it
-poweroff device when laptop lid is closed
thanks a lot for devops and core-team

I’ll give this one a spin, next time i need it! I like the Big Red Button in my tray too :smiley:

Would like to add another thing i forgot in my above list.

  • in Qubes Manager View Columns we could use a Last Modified/Started/Access whatever Field.
    Sometimes i do minor changes in lesser used AppVMs, like changing the AppVM Name and this would help tremendously to keep backups up to date and not miss such minor changes. (After all this years i have never had any need for restoring a backup but it does feel good to actually have them.)

This last suggestion would go a long way towards supporting an incremental backup. (I.e., a command that only backs up qubes that have been accessed (or modified) since the last backup.)

  • Better performance like when Qubes 4.0 was around.
  • Since I use i3wm, I would appreciate the possibility to install Qubes either without a window manager or with i3wm directly.
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I would like qubesos to have a better/smoother integration with i3wm and awesomewm, too.

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Another thing that i forgot,

  • Qubes Updates (tray Sun icon) should update specific Templates first (whonix-gw) and optionally restart (sys-whonix) before proceeding with with any of the other dom0/template updates.
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Just running to every motherboards. Everybody hate the HCL.

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Improved support for potato hardware would be a nice bonus, specially when the CPU has to do two jobs for the price of one. I don’t need a GPU if it’s going to mess up my security. Then again they may have fixed this recently, I hear the new Qubes has xfce by default…

That is like saying, “i want to fly to the Moon with my Tricycle”. If the hardware does not support secure virtualization there is no real safe way currently to make this happen.
The GPU problematic is being worked on in the LINUX community but if the Hardware Manufacturer does not supply open source drivers you should voice your concerns with each of them, nothing Qubes OS can do about it.
You always have the option to passthrough GPU that though requires working IOMMU / secure virtualization able Hardware otherwise the point of secure compartmentalized Qubes VMs becomes pointless.

Do you really need to remove this ME stuff?

I run Qubes on 13980HX, and windows 10 VM feels very responsive and snappy. I guess im happy with it.

  • Undervolting of CPU. Under Linux I can undervolt my CPU by -160mV and get +300Mhz performance boost. For a CPU-based OS, it is must have.
  • More colors
  • Screenshots inside VM

See this thread.

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I’d like to see better changelogs, it’s currently hard to guess what changed between 4.1 and 4.2, and the item list in the RC announcements are really vague.

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  • I will find it nice that the default’s icons of the XFCE templates will be the same as those of Dom0. Like that, we’ll find a similar desktop in the sys-gui and sys-gui-gpu sessions.
  • Have the Documentation available in other languages :confused: (I’m from France and sometimes, it was difficult to understand it even with translation’s sites. I can help for that if you want. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of people miss it! lol But from what I could understand, it seems quite difficult :confused:

Unfortunately, it seem very difficult for these reason:

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for hardened sys-usb and sys-net check liteqube.

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here is my wishlist. qubes is awesome btw , thanks for working on it

in order of importance
1- full support for machine sleep / standy using s0x sleep state (i believe this has upstream dependency on xen to support fully). many modern laptops don’t support s3 sleep so this is a must have.
2-fido support for login (hardware key)
3-improved change management for dom0 - snapshots, rollbacks, etc.
4-optimize backups (incremental vs full backup).


suspend/resume compatibility improved a lot in the incoming 4.2 release :+1:

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