What would you like to see improved in Qubes OS?

For more colors i use this scripts. Easy and functional :slight_smile:

More explanations here:

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fantastic, thanks - will check that out as soon as I have the time.

See also:


thanks also

Strange i don’t see this thread! awesome!, I’m going to try it as soon as I have some time :slight_smile:

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Glad that you liked it. Just wrote the rgb_to_hsv, hsv_to_rgb and tint functions in pure bash. It was a challenge as bash scripts do not provide floating points numbers and I wanted to avoid Python or bc(1). Hopefully the qubes-label-tweak-tool would be fully functional tonight or tomorrow. My aim is to allow user supplied icons as well as the default qute icons.

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While I agree with other the things @Sycamore shared, I extra agree with this one.

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Sorted by priority:

  1. Better power efficiency
  2. Better power efficiency
  3. Update to Xen 4.18 since it provides better power efficiency (on Intel chips, that is)

Don’t neglect power efficiency.

The ability to provide a custom name/label to an application that has been favorited/bookmarked in the Qubes menu.

While it’s useful to see the color and name of the application’s qube, it would be super helpful to allow a custom name to better distinguish between instances of the same application for example.

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Congratulations on 2.000 issues!

we count on you to contribute to help :+1:

“Fixed” assumes that all those issues are bug reports. This is a mistaken assumption. There are actually more enhancement requests than bug reports among the open issues. Also, anyone who has an idea for something that they think will be an enhancement can open an issue for it. That doesn’t mean that every idea is a good idea.

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Don’t neglect power efficiency.

This is hard. I just gave up on laptops.

“Fixed” assumes that all those issues are bug reports. This is a mistaken assumption.

I should have probably written “properly resolved”.

How about a “note” field in the Qubes Manager Settings for a vm that automatically contains changes of config files in this vm, installed packages, …?
If it creates security risk, a special file in the vm would also be great, though, one couldn’t access it if the vm is unbootable…

Of course, hand editing would also be great.


An easy way to use Trezor and other hardware wallets.