What would happen IF

So I have Ubuntu & Arch hvm’s I built. Working great, minus the networking issues “qubes os 4.1” is having seen here with this issue…

Now what would happen IF I changed these “hvm’s” to “pv”?

The reason I ask is I would like to be able to (copy/paste) between the hvm’s and other domains I have open. I have read that I would need to install some qubes packages to provide
some level of interaction with other qubes - qvm-copy, qvm-open,qvm-block…etc. But I can’t find what packages I would need to install into these hvm’s let alone even if Ubuntu or Arch would have suck packages available within there disto’s.

My thinking is changing the hvm’s to PV would address or allow…
qvm-copy, qvm-open,qvm-block…etc

Anyone have any ideas??

You need to have Qubes agents installed for these functions to work for either HVM or PV domains.
So changing HVM to PV will change nothing.

@tzwcfq thank you
but how or where would I find “these” Qubes agents?

Check these topics:

Both of that systems are avaliable as Community Templates for Qubes Contents/building-archlinux-template.md at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub. You can easliy build them using Qubes Builder and install them. Also there are install ready templates for those system provided by @unman Index of /Templates_4.1. Using template will be simpler then trying to install qubes agents for distros that don’t have qubes agent repos.

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@Szewcu thank you, yes I do know unman builds templates, nice ones too at that. I will review the GitHub link you sent. I never really looked at it.

@tzwcfq yes I will def check out the topics