What would be the simplest way to add a Fedora Silverblue template or a single qube running it?

I would like to run Silverblue on Qubes but as I understand it, creating a template is pretty involved. Why would creating a qube with Fedora Silverblue require so many steps — can’t an iso file be installed on a qube more simply such as in VirtualBox?

You can easily create an HVM qube from an ISO. The only thing is that you won’t have the same experience because you’ll get the whole desktop instead of just the software window like with templates.

Edit: You can also download the ISO to a qube for your new HVM and use the GUI.

  • Create a new qube using the GUI
  • Select “Standalone” and “none” for templates
  • Open the qube settings, go to “Advanced” and click on “Boot qube from CD-ROM”
  • Select the second option, select the qube that contains the ISO and finally select the ISO with the file manager
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