What torrent client do you use, what can you recommend with Qubes?

what torrent client do you use and on what template, please suggest

I’m using qbittorrent from a Fedora template

qBittorrent, the best choice by far.

P.S. Qubes OS has an unfixed bug with icons that makes qbittorrent icon in taskbar look like cube in Fedora-38. You can comment your situation with the icon here: Qubes not processing application icons correctly (likely due to different icon sizes) · Issue #6292 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Transmission with debian template.

Qbit for large clearnet jobs (simply the best see appimage)
Tribler for somewhat private jobs clearnet/internal network (you can change number of hops for anonymity)
Aria2 used to be good but I don’t recommend it anymore.

There are some other options for encrypted networks but you mess with other things…

Deluge in a Fedora based AppVM. No particular reason. Deluge is reliable and lightweight for my needs, though I mainly torrent with my workstation and seedbox due to the insanity that is port forwarding on Qubes, the majority of what I download being unusable on Qubes, the impossibility of putting large amounts of storage in a laptop, and the impracticality of leaving a laptop online for an extended period of time to connect to swarms.

qbitorrent is by far superior due to it’s integration with jackett, and jackett is life saver…

Most of cons you stated are easily to overcome with downloading to external storage not used anywhere else in the Qubes

I have not found these solutions to be easy to use. In fact, IME, unusable for this. It’s been a while since I attempted it though.

Can you attach a file share to an AppvVM? IME, the only VM that can even resolve the NAS name is sys-net, and as far as I know, there’s no way to connect a share mounted there to another VM.

USB storage is not good for torrents, and even if I wanted to try that, it’s a similar situation. The filesystem can be mounted in sys-usb, but no other VM can make use of it.

English is not my first language, but if I correctly read this, the one should never mount external storage in sys-usb. No problem attaching it to any other qube, though (except mobile phone storage). Apologize if I got it wrong.

I did originally try to attach USB drives to appVMs like described in the docs, but it was a long time ago and I don’t recall exactly what blocked me.

Regardless, USB drives aren’t suitable for torrenting. Apparently they are not durable enough and I’ve seen a lot of stories on forums about them failing in some strange way that seems to never happen on internal drives.

I get you. You probably meant - for you. I’d like to see some examples of them failing, since my experience is absolutely opposite. I still do have 1TB external drive bought in 2009, perfectly working. On the contrary, several internal HDDs attached via docking stations failed for good for me. For sure, there are good and bad brands and models, though. As well as places them to be bought. We’d need that info too, to judge better in order we all to benefit from it.